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The Dallas Park and Recreation Department has 43 recreation centers located throughout the city.  Educational institutions offer courses that lead to a degree as a Bachelor of Arts in recreation management. Recreation members may sponsor guests into a facility for a day pass or purchase a guest pass punch card for multiple visits. Please check signs posted at the climbing wall for any additional summer closures outside of the times listed below. All passes and sessions purchased include the use of all appropriate climbing equipment for that session.The Q-Club Summer Youth Program is a certified day camp, providing children ages 6-12 the opportunity to participate in a wide range of recreational activities. Ramp up the learning curve, remove bad habits, and put you face-to-face with curriculum-based climbing instruction and training theories. A quick tour of our program web pages within this website will help you better understand our degree programs and career opportunities in recreation. Coaching in a small-group setting with a 1:6 maximum ratio during which you`ll meet new climbers, and receive expert advice on how to make tweaks and important corrections to your climbing technique. The Avery Recreation Pool will re-open at 5p. Closing hours will remain the same.
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Day Pass - Must be a Recreation Center Member or be eligble to purchase a day pass to the recreation center and at least 12 years of age and accompanied by an adult if under 16. The goals of therapeutic recreation in community-based settings tend toward enhancing quality of life, health promotion, and integration and inclusion of persons with disabilities in regular recreation programs. If you have never climbed before and are interested climbing on rope, you`ll need to schedule a climbing lesson.Our Climbing Programs Coordinator will contact you to confirm your request and will send more information for the event. All climbers must also complete the rules of conduct form as well as the appropriate skills assessment for bouldering, top rope climbing or lead climbing. Participants must demonstrate the ability to use a harness correctly, tie-in using a figure 8 knot, communicate using proper climbing commands, and belay using safe and correct procedures. Group programs are designed for interested parties seeking an opportunity to experience the art of indoor climbing. Call the Community Center at (201) 330-2078 for additional, detailed information.
The primary service of the Bridgewater Recreation Department is to provide opportunities for enriching the lives and meeting the recreational needs of Bridgewater Residents. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the basic techniques necessary to successfully and safely climb at the Lindseth Climbing Wall. The Recreation Division of Community Services oversees several facilities including the historic Lucie Stern Community Center, Mitchell Park Community Center, Cubberley Community Center, and Rinconada Pool.All persons aged 15 years and under must be supervised by an adult when climbing outside of a registered program. Visit us during Climbing Wall Hours where trained climbing instructors will teach you how to use the equipment. The Recreation and Community Programs Department operating budget supports staff that manages and delivers recreation programs along with the supplies needed to operate those programs.
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